13 January 2008

Another week passes; another week that I haven’t been in the gym. I did manage to get two rides to work on the bike though and then an hour’s ride yesterday afternoon.

Friday saw a lot of rain fall during the day and as a result, the River Derwent reached flood levels again in places. I found one of those places on Saturday morning. My route into work on the bike takes me alongside the river, as it passes under one of the main roads around Derby, and the river had flooded the underpass I use. This left me with a choice… around a mile diversion or try to ride through the floodwater - I chose the latter. Looking back, the extra mile may have been wiser! I managed to waterlog both of my shoes as I rode through the water, which was just a little deeper than I thought!

The ride yesterday afternoon was somewhat rain affected too. Although the weather was fine and dry, the route I took was rather muddy - I managed to get both myself and the bike covered! The bike needed hosing down, all my clothes needed the washing machine, my shoes still need something but I’m not sure just what!

My route for the ride took me out of Derby to Swarkestone, along the canal to Weston-on-Trent, into Aston-on-Trent, through to Thulston, Elvaston Castle and then back home. I’ve not worked out the mileage yet but it took me exactly an hour.

The flooded River Trent, near Weston-on-Trent.

Weston Church, where Lynda and I were married!

This coming week will see me start my home workout to try to shift a little more of the Christmas excess. Since January 1, I’ve managed to lose 4lb just by keeping an eye on my eating so hopefully I’m moving in the right direction.

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  1. I always wondered where you two were married. What a beautiful little church. Have you been there since ;-) Rick and I were married at St. Mary's here in Richmond.

    I hope things clear up for you and your mountain bike real soon :-)