08 January 2008

A bug... and a parting of the ways!

Yesterday I hit the first problem with the new laptop... a problematic little bug known as Lynda! Lynda has taken a liking to one of the pre-loaded games on the laptop called Mahjong Titans and last night took control of my new toy! The laptop was even taken to bed with her so that she could try and finish the game off! So, if you have Windows Vista, and a game called Mahjong Titans, watch out... the bug may just get you!

Today - and this has nothing to do with last night's game issue - Lynda and I finally decided to end a long, and often painful, relationship. After months of soul searching, discussion and repeated attempts to get things back on track we have chosen to part company with our gym membership! Much as I enjoy going to the gym I just wasn't going enough to justify the cost, so we have cancelled the membership. We do have to give 3 months notice so I can at least work off my Christmas and New Year food binge - if I actually get to the gym that is!

Over the next few days I will be working out some form of exercise plan that I can do at home so, fingers crossed, I shouldn't turn into a big fat lard ball just yet! Tomorrow, the plan is to ride to work on the bike again; the home work-out regime starts here.

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  1. Careful Rich. Today Mahjong tomorrow she will have her own myspace account :o) Then you're in REAL trouble. I've never heard of Mahjong Titans but I do like the Mahjong tiles from Hoyle. I learned each game only gets harder if you get faster. So if I take my time to find all the tiles the game stays nice and stress free ;-) Too bad about the gym. Maybe you can get a treadmill or stairstep machine.

    See? I read your blog and didn't fall asleep :-p