22 January 2008

Sunday at The Robin...

Sunday at The Robin turned out to be a great gig, as I expected, and I was also very pleased to be joined by my good friend Mike, who was attending his first gig in something like 10 years! If I hadn't been to a gig in that long then I'd have been more than happy with Sunday's two bands - Breathing Space and The Reasoning.

It was the first time I'd seen Breathing Space play but it will not be the last. They played a great set of tracks and had the large crowd on their side from the moment they took to the stage. I guess having names such as Ian Jennings and Olivia Sparnenn (who is also rather pleasing on the eye) in the line-up does help a little when it comes to creating good music and also pulling in a crowd.

Straight after they had finished their support slot I went and purchased their latest CD - Coming Up For Air - but as yet I haven't had time to give it a listen. If Sunday night is anything to go by then it's going to be a great album.

The Reasoning played an outstanding set - more or less the same as at Crewe but with a couple of changes to the running order, which made things flow even better. The full track listing was...

Within Cold Glass (Intro)
Talk To Me
Fallen Angels
Aching Hunger
Playing The Game
Chasing Rainbows - Part 1
Billie Jean
Chasing Rainbows - Part 2
Breaking The 4th Wall
Sacred Shape
Sharp Sea
Shadows Of The Mind

Encores were...

Dark Angel

The sound at The Robin was excellent, as usual, and the light show was the best I've seen at a club venue for a number of years. Even the use of a smoke machine got my seal of approval for a change - I hate the things usually - as it wasn't used to the point of the crowd, and band, not being able to breath! Well done to everyone involved at The Robin.

Looking back at the two shows last week I think that The Robin was an even better gig than the one at The Limelight. Breathing Space just got the edge over Mr So & So as the best support band and on Sunday The Reasoning played another brilliant gig to a larger crowd, so the atmosphere was great.

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