16 January 2008

Just a quick fly-by posting...

The home workout sessions have started okay (that means I've actually been doing them) and I feel as though the move away from gym sessions has kick started my enthusiasm again.

Today saw a break in the weather - no rain all day - so I was able to use the mountain bike to get to work again. I'm not a fair weather biker but the amount of rain we've had over the past few days was just too much for me! The route I took to work this morning meant that I avoided the flooded underpass that saw me waterlog my shoes on Saturday - I didn't fancy facing the now much deeper water!

Tomorrow evening, I'm off to Crewe straight after work to see The Reasoning play. It's only a matter of a few weeks since the last gig I went to but it feels like months. I'm so looking forward to this gig!

I've said before that I'm not a big fan of mid-week gigs but the venue tomorrow - The Limelight Club - is a good one and The Reasoning are one of my favourite bands. Getting home in the early hours of Friday morning, and then having to get up for work, is a small price to pay I suppose!

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