07 January 2006

2006 is up and running.....

Well, the new PC has been in place for almost a week now and I still haven’t loaded all my software and files onto it yet! I guess I must be about 75% there by now so at least the worst is over - be pleased to have it all finished though! Tomorrow will see the rest finished with luck as it looks like the weather will keep me in the house. I’d hoped to go for a walk in the morning but the forecast is for rain, mist or even fog. That’s if we don’t get snow, which we did for a while this afternoon.

The past week has been really busy at work with a number of decent orders for accident repair parts - I love the bad weather! We have also been notified of a rather large re-call on one type of vehicle, which will result in a substantial number of them coming through the workshop in the coming weeks. It’s also only two weeks now until we have a 3 day car sales event planned - we all get to work longer hours on the Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! Great!

The Christmas and New Year break didn’t have quite the effect on me as last year did; I only gained 8 lbs in weight this time! Obviously didn’t eat enough! Lynda and I have been back to the gym twice so far this week so no doubt I’ll soon move the extra few pounds again and, no doubt, Lynda will hate me for losing it so easy!!!

Tomorrow I’ll start looking into forthcoming gig dates for some of the bands we follow. One or two of them will be playing within easy travelling distance for us over the next few months so I need to be getting tickets organised now before they sell out.

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