24 January 2006

Another crazy work day! Why is it that when you're having a good day, and everything is running as planned, there is always ONE that can mess everybody else’s day up? My ONE did it again today!

As always, there is a way out of it… I rang and booked tickets to see “Last Nights Fun” when they play their gig in Belper next month! Made me feel much better!

The healthy eating took a bit of a step backwards today… I couldn’t drag myself out of bed in time for breakfast so I picked up a sausage and bacon cob on the way to work! I’ll think of it as a little treat - after all, I have lost 5lbs in the last 10 days or so! Then, just to make the day a little worse, I backed out of going to the gym tonight. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

I’ve just finished updating my first bird list of the year, which, after just one walk without my binoculars on New Years day and one trip to Carsington Water in the fog, now stands at 54 species for Derbyshire. Not a huge total but a reasonable start I think. I’ll be adding a separate Blog page onto here very soon so that I can keep track of both my Derbyshire year list and my UK year list.

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