17 January 2006


There needs to be some, and it has started today!

Late last night I told Lynda that I would get myself back into my old morning routine, and start getting up in time for a cooked breakfast again (that made her laugh) - well, I managed it, no problem! That should help with the second change, cutting down on the amount of "rubbish" I eat during the day at work!

Since Christmas I have been eating far too much chocolate and crisps - that will stop! We're already hitting the gym 3 or 4 times a week so it's just a case of working a little harder whilst I'm there - starting tonight!

Now that the new PC is all up and running it can become a "work tool" again and not have me sat at it for hours - more time for doing things that actually matter in life!

Now, if only the weather will stay dry for a day or two over a weekend, I can get on with some "serious" bird watching, if there is such a thing, instead of sitting in the house all the time!

Later today I'll start looking into tickets etc for some of the bands I want to see in the next couple of months. Live music..... beats talking about it every time!

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