09 January 2006

Note to self......


It's just over a week now since I decided that enough was enough, booted the old PC off my desk and set up the new one! And I'm still finding things that need transferring from one to the other! If it's not photos, it's e-mail addresses or favourite web sites, or sound files, or video clips, or birdwatching records - that was fun as there were over 6000 of them! Never again! OK, rant over with....

Yesterday the weather wasn't up to much at all so we had a lazy start to the day and didn't get out of bed until around 10:00am! Not like me at all! Lynda walked to fetch the Sunday papers and I then cooked "brunch", scrambled eggs on toast! I cook a great scrambled egg!! The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent in front of the TV, and the old PC, as I downloaded files onto CD for transferring (boring job!).

Lynda cooked a late lunch/early tea of Chicken Casserole which, I must say, was one of the best chicken dishes I've tasted in a good while! And there was plenty of it!

The highlight of the day was the live football game on Sky TV - Man Utd v Burton Albion! On paper this one was a walkover for Man U, but this was an FA Cup match so anything was possible. Burton's ground was a sell out of just over 6000 people and they managed to hold on for a 0 - 0 draw against a side that is over 100 places above them in the Football League - what a result!

That was enough to earn them a replay at Old Trafford, Manchester, a game that will earn the small Burton club over £800,000 when they play at the home of Manchester Utd. What a difference that will be for them playing in front of a crowd that could be up to 68,000 or more! No doubt Utd will take the replay with ease but there's no taking Sunday's result away from Burton!

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