12 January 2006

At last, the weekend is almost here! And I can’t wait! It’s been one of those weeks this week - work's been crazy busy, not the nice sort of busy! Anything and everything has been a problem - orders not turning up, others arriving damaged, some just plain wrong! Most were late! Oh, and tomorrow is Friday 13th! Great!

On top of all that it’s been hard getting back into the old routine now that Christmas and the New Year are behind us. I still can’t drag myself out of bed in a morning in time to make breakfast before work, going back to the gym after a two week break is killing me and we just don’t seem to have time to do anything other than come home from work, eat, catch a bit of TV, then sleep! I need this weekend!

So, what am I going to do with my two days off work? Err, I’m not sure! Saturday, Lynda has decided we will go out for lunch, so that will be either The Bulls Head at Denby or The Risley Park as we have some money off vouchers to use up! Lots of good food, and cheaper than it should be! That will do for me! In the morning I may go and have a look at getting a new fish tank for home - my two goldfish are in need of more space!

If the weather is OK on Sunday then I hope to be out early either bird watching or walking. I don’t really mind which, just so long as I can get out and away from people, phones and cars for a few hours! If it’s another wet day then I’ll stay in bed for half the morning and then sit around the house with either some music playing or the TV on! I NEED A DRY DAY ON SUNDAY!!!!

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