19 January 2006

So I messed up!

Not quite sure how I did it but I've just found that the post I wrote on January 7 was still waiting to be published! Oh well, it's up on here now! Better late than never! Who knows, some of the other stuff on here may make a little more sense now..... then again!

I also slipped up on the healthy eating a little this morning as well - I couldn't drag myself out of bed for a proper breakfast before work again! I'm sure it must have something to do with this weather and also the dark mornings!!!

Still, at least I'm still putting the work in at the gym, been twice this week so far and will be there again tomorrow night. Not that it's having much effect on me! I'd managed to shift 4lbs of Christmas excess by the start of this week but that's been replaced by 2lbs of cooked breakfast! Some you win, some you lose!

The weekend is looking a little more promising weather wise so with a bit of luck I'll get out and add to the bird list for the year. There's one or two "good birds" around at the moment so it's time I went and picked up a few year ticks!

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