17 January 2006

Today was a good day!

Well, just over 12 hours ago I wanted to start and sort tickets and things out for some gigs that I fancied.

Two phone calls, and a few text messages, and I'm off to see The Band From County Hell on Saturday, and then in February it's the Oysterband here in Derby! Big word of thanks to my mate Paul for the Oysterband ticket - saved me trying to get into Derby for it!!!

The BFCH gig is over in Lincoln, not a place I know well at all but that's one of the reasons for going! A new venue and a trip out and about! To be honest I'm really looking forward to this gig - not seen this band for a while and they are always brilliant!

Tomorrow I'll start and look at gigs for later in the Spring - why not? I'm on a roll!

Oh, the healthy eating went real well today, as did the gym! I could do with a beer right now though!

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