01 January 2007


Well, that’s another year over and another just starting. At least the weather at the end of 2006 didn’t continue into today - this morning dawned dry and bight with a clear blue sky, the wind was still blowing somewhat but not half as strong as last night.

After a quick breakfast, we were out of the door at 9:30AM and setting off on our first walk of the year, a repeat of the one we did last New Year’s Day. We walked from home to Elvaston Castle, around the lake, pausing to feed the ducks and geese, then on towards Borrowash where we joined the river path back towards Derby. We followed the river all the way back to Alvaston Park, stopping again to feed more ducks, geese and swans, before heading back for home.

The weather all morning had been great but as we headed away from the edge of Pride Park we could see clouds starting to build over Derby. Before we had walked much more than half a mile the rain started! Luckily it didn’t last too long and wasn’t very heavy so we didn’t get too wet - the rain did give us a great rainbow over the city though. We arrived back home at 1:00PM, more than ready for lunch!

Tomorrow it’s back to work and, with no holidays booked yet, the prospect of a long, cold and wet, winter ahead! Maybe I’ll just hibernate!

Lynda, with "friends", at Elvaston Castle.

Aren't birds great?

River Derwent - very fast flowing after all the recent rain.

Err, right! We didn't plan on swimming anyway!

"Look, another bag of bread everyone!"

"Feed me!"

So gentle - when they want to be!

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