14 January 2007

You have to laugh, don't you?

Laugh? I nearly bought a round! Well, I would have, if the pub next-door to work had been open!

A replacement engine arrived at work on Saturday to do the job of the damaged one we received on Thursday. This time, I was already at work when the delivery arrived and so was able to check the parts myself. The “new” engine never even came out the back of the lorry! One quick look at the box had me a little concerned, it had a hole in the packaging.

As it turned out the hole was nothing to worry about - no damage to that side of the engine. The other side wasn’t so lucky! The damage to this second unit wasn’t as bad as the first but the oil filter housing had taken a bit of a beating at sometime and there was no way we could risk fitting the engine to a customer's car, so back it went!

This morning Lynda and I went to the gym, again. That’s three times this week! Well, three times for me - Lynda didn’t go Thursday when I worked myself into the ground! At long last I feel as if I am now fully back into the swing of going to the gym on a regular basis again.

We have tickets for our first gig of 2007 - Last Night’s Fun at the Assembly Rooms in Derby. I always enjoy seeing this band play and now they have a new member on board, Ciaran Boyle, playing bodhran, I’m looking forward to this gig even more.

Other gigs that I’m planning on going to over the next few months include Karnataka, Thee na Shee, The Reasoning and, maybe, The Battlefield Band. No doubt there will be many more added to the “wants” list over the coming weeks as bands announce their 2007 schedules.

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