28 January 2007

The TV...

Well, I fetched the new TV and it’s great! Bigger picture, better definition, better colours, just better really! My other new toy will have to wait until next Thursday though, the shop was out of stock of the video/DVD recorder. Still, that means I get to play with another new toy, on another day!

When we pick the video/DVD recorder up, we will be faced with just one more decision and that is whether to stick with using Scart leads or go with the new, all singing all dancing, HDMI leads. I am told (by the man selling them!) that we will see a noticeable improvement with the HDMI ones - I would hope so at the price! A one-metre HDMI lead will cost between £40 and £60! A Scart lead, we could get for under £10 if we wanted any new ones.

More on this one later in the week!

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