26 January 2007

So, another week comes to an end. Not a bad week but I am glad that it is almost the weekend!

The snow arrived a little later than forecast, it started at 10:45PM Monday, but it did not amount to much. When we went to work on Tuesday morning there was about two inches of very soft snow and that was all gone by midday. The rest of the week has just been very cold with a fair amount of ice on the side roads - not the weather for using the mountain bike! That has not seen the light of day since Monday!

I ordered another engine at work this week… I sent it back again too! Yes, another damaged unit! The replacement arrived the following day and thankfully that one was okay. On February 8, I have been invited to a meeting with the UK parts distributors, the UK franchise managers and a couple of other dealer representatives to discuss any issues we may have with the parts supply/credit process. That could be fun - I will start and compile my evidence this weekend!

I have managed to get my head in gear for the gym again this week, two visits so far, and I have also managed to drag myself out of bed in time to have breakfast each day. I’m not sure if it’s down to eating breakfast or going to the gym but I do feel as though I’ve had a bit more “go in me” this week.

On Wednesday, Lynda and I went in search of a new TV and a video/DVD recorder. If they have the ones we want in stock I will be picking them up tomorrow after work, new toys just in time for the weekend.

One last little thing... the foxes have been fighting out in the garden most evenings this week so I guess that there has been a bit of a territory battle going on or more than one dog fox has been showing an interest in our local vixen. With luck, we may be seeing cubs playing in - or destroying - our garden again this spring.

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  1. No not more foxes. Do you realize the last time the foxes were giving you trouble was when my cat had kittens under my bed. It's the strange twistings of the universe at hand. The animals are plotting to drive us mad ;-) We still have two kittens left if you're interested. I promise they won't eat fish. LOL.

    Me again, SarahX