28 January 2007

A rude awakening!

After a relaxing evening last night, watching TV, drinking a cider or two and eating Pringles, all hell broke loose first thing this morning! Well, at 8:00AM anyway!

Lynda and I were fast asleep in bed when I was suddenly awoken by a loud noise in my left ear. After coming down off the ceiling I grabbed for the alarm clock radio, whilst moaning at Lynda for switching it on on a Sunday! Grabbing the alarm only made things worse - I actually switched it ON, when the thing was already off!

By the time I realised that the alarm wasn’t the target I should be aiming for, and had grabbed the cordless phone from the bedside cabinet, the ringing had stopped! Great, not only had I been awoken way too early on a Sunday morning I had also missed the phone call. Still, it could only get worse… a quick look at the display on the phone revealed that the battery was almost dead, I’d have to go down stairs to get the other phone to see who had called!

Once downstairs I discovered that it was my mum that had called and, on returning her call, it became quite clear that she realised that she had fetched me out of bed! Guess I didn’t sound too awake, much to her amusement.

The phone call… that was to ask if I was free to go up to the farm and help my dad put up the nest boxes that we should have done last weekend - I jumped at the opportunity to spend the morning out in the open.

Some of the nest boxes including the "block of flats"!

The rest of the day went off without quite so much drama; we managed to put up around 18 nest boxes in all (including the birding equivalent to a block of flats), we didn’t get the tractor and trailer stuck in the still rather wet fields, I only managed to hit my finger once with the hammer and the wind, that had been increasing in strength all morning, didn’t blow me off the ladders. All in all, a good result for the day.

Now, it’s just a case of waiting to see if the boxes are accepted as suitable homes by the birds.

"Shouldn’t someone be holding my ladder? Please?"

More photos including Freddie the bull, who came to see us, are HERE!

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  1. I sure hope you manage to attract tenants to your box's. That first tree is beautiful and I love the pic of the pond with the farm in the background. Your father seems like a really neat person. The two of you must have quite a bond. Freddie the bull did a great job capturing the day's event on camera.