12 January 2007

Well, things have certainly picked up over the past few days!

I started my week by watching a gorgeous sunrise on Monday morning and having a reasonably quiet day at work, since then all hell has broken loose! It has been non-stop every day from then on!

On Tuesday, the plan was to have gone to the gym after work but, for some reason, I didn’t feel too good from around lunchtime onwards and the idea of a workout was abandoned. Not quite sure what was up with me, I just felt all “washed out” somehow. Maybe I’m missing all the Christmas food!

Wednesday brought more than its fair share of problems at work and I was glad to get out of the place and head for the gym. In fact, I was so glad to leave work I actually packed by bags and left half an hour early! It was a case of… “Sorry but I’ve had enough for today! I’ll see you in the morning!” and off I went! The only problem with going to the gym in that frame of mind is that you tend to do too much and, although the workout got things out of my system, it sure did hurt the next day.

Thursday was one of those fun workdays that just attack you the moment you walk through the door. I'm usually at work in plenty of time to check in the day’s parts delivery and deal with any issues that may arise from it. This Thursday, we had a different driver deliver to us and he was early, very early. By the time I walked in the door at 8:15AM he had been gone for over an hour.

Okay I thought, shouldn’t be a problem, the boss has checked the deliveries before so I’ll just carry on as normal. Well, normal tends to be around three or four cases of parts, on Thursday it was 24! I could only just get through the door into the goods-in area! If that wasn’t enough of a headache first thing in a morning, I then discovered that a complete engine we had been awaiting from Germany was part of the delivery but it was damaged! Great, over £3000 worth of scrap metal I needed to try to claim back from the supplier!

After numerous phone calls, a trip home to fetch my camera - so that I could take photos of the damaged engine - and then e-mailing the photos, I think we may get things sorted. The thing is, if the delivery had arrived at the normal time, I’d have just rejected the engine there and then and saved all the extra trouble! I’ll tell you what though… the gym helped again last night! STRESS!!!

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