30 January 2007

Not much to add today but, seeing as I’m on a roll with this place, I thought I’d “Blog” anyway!

We hit the gym again last night. I had a good workout - must have been in the right frame of mind! - whilst Lynda had a new programme set for her by one of the personal trainers. We’ll be back there again tomorrow night.

Spring must be just around the corner - yeah, right! - as I managed to ride the long route to work on my bike this morning. No more dark mornings!

On Thursday, we should be able to collect the new video/DVD recorder so I’ll have my new toy to play with.

Then, it’s the weekend and its Super Bowl time. Late, late night for me on Sunday with a beer or two, plenty of Pringles, and maybe even a pizza, whilst I watch the game!

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy the beer and pringles. I'll be thinking of you on Sunday while I'm watching the game. Enjoy your new toy too.

    GO COLTS!!