03 February 2007

Firstly, I have to say sorry to Sheila! On Tuesday’s Blog post I said that we would be at the gym on Wednesday evening - we weren’t! Sorry! We had planned on going, and even had our gym kits in the car, but I didn’t feel too good during Wednesday afternoon so I chose to give the gym a miss! We SHOULD be there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week with luck - best to check first though!

On Thursday evening, we collected the new video/DVD recorder. Disconnecting the old video and separate DVD player only took a couple of minutes and the new unit went straight into its “auto set-up” programme as soon as I turned on the power. “Great” I thought, “this is a piece of cake”.

Only problem was I couldn’t get any picture on the TV at all! After about another 10 minutes of trying the tuning on the TV again and checking all the connections and leads I found I was one Scart short of a signal - I had not connected one of the leads. In fact, it was still at the far end of the room with the old DVD player! Everything is working a treat now though.

Shortly after we got in from the gym last night, we received a phone call from Paul, a friend of ours, to tell us that Saturn was visible just below the moon if we fancied a look. So, it was out with the birding ‘scope, on with a sweatshirt and out into the back garden. Yep, he was right; sure enough, there was Saturn, complete with its rings! Okay, through a birding ‘scope it wasn’t the best view but it was still worth a look, especially as the sky was so clear. The moon looked much more impressive to me though!

Taken through my birding 'scope.

As Lynda needed the car this morning, to go into Derby for an eye test, I went to work on the mountain bike again even though it was still -2°C at 8:00AM. Apart from having to watch out for the odd icy patch along the riverside path it was one of the nicest rides I have had for a while. The sun was coming up in a clear blue sky, the birds were singing and there was a light mist over the water. It was one of those mornings when I could have just kept on riding - or at least just sat and watched the river and the birds pass by.

The River Derwent this morning - taken with phone camera.


  1. I would have loved to see Saturn. I noticed the moon last night. Loredo Quantamo calls it the 'Moon Of Meni-Babies'. Due to the fact this time of year many babies are concieved. LOL.


  2. Superb photo of the moon!!
    How did you do it? I tried with my camera and scope but couldn't get a picture. Any tips??


  3. Superb photo of the moon!!
    How did you do it?
    I tried myself but couldn't get a picture. Any tips??