21 February 2007

Random bits of nothing…

I’m starting to think that spring is slowly creeping in; I rode in to work on the bike this morning without having to use my lights, the birds were singing their heads off all along my route and this evening the song was even louder as the Blackbirds claimed their roosting territory. The lights on the bike were on this evening but only as an extra safety feature, I didn’t really need them as it was still quite light.

On Friday, we will be at our first gig of the year - Last Night’s Fun at the Derby Assembly Rooms. Then, just like busses arriving one after another, we should be at our second gig of the year on Saturday. I say should because I haven’t had time to purchase tickets for this one yet! So, if we can get in, we will be seeing Karnataka at The Flowerpot, Derby, on Saturday evening. After that, there is a few weeks break before the next gig that will be Thee na Shee, at The Flowerpot, on St. Patrick’s Night, March 17.

I received an events diary from the British Heart Foundation earlier in the week that lists many of the forthcoming fund raising events. Apart from the High Peak Trail walk in November, that I have taken part in for the past couple of years, another event has grabbed my attention - a bike ride in the Derbyshire Peak District, in April.

Participants can choose two distances, either 30 miles or 57 miles. Right now, I am feeling as though I may just fancy a go at the 57 miles! The only reservation I have is that my old timer of a bike may not be quite up to the terrain! I have requested more information on the route and location of this ride so I should be in a position to make a decision soon. Yes, I WILL be chasing sponsorship!

One final little bit of news; I have been made aware of a new Blog site today, the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project. In 2006 a pair of Peregrine nested on the cathedral tower and for this year a Blog site has been created to follow the fortunes of the birds. The site is still in the early stages of development but over the coming weeks there may well be web-cam coverage available. Add the link to your favourites and follow the story as it unfolds.

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