25 February 2007

After The Rain...

It’s the end of another weekend and it’s been a good one!

On Friday evening, we went to see Last Night’s Fun play at the Derby Assembly Rooms and it was a great night of music and laughter! This band has to be seen playing live to fully appreciate just how entertaining they are.

Right from the word go it was a display of musical brilliance, coupled with a never-ending supply of humour. It they cut out all the interaction between themselves, and also the audience, they may well fit in another three or four songs but that is not what Last Night’s Fun are about, they are out and out entertainment and that is what we got on Friday!

The newest band member, Ciaran Boyle, is going to prove to be a great asset to the band; his bodhran playing is just awesome! I’ve seen a fair few people play bodhran over the years but this guy is something else; the range of sound that he can produce is just unbelievable. I suppose we should have expected something a bit special after watching him tune up before the gig. He took twice as long as the rest of the band making sure everything was just perfect - it shows! Roll on the next Last Night’s Fun gig we can attend.

On Saturday, I was in work in the morning. Nothing special, just another day at the office… things went to plan, others didn’t, and it rained on the way home. Well, more like it poured down! The short trip home in the car meant that the weather wasn’t too much of a problem, if you happened to be the one in the car! Lynda was that one; she had been into Derby shopping! I was the fool on the mountain bike that looked like a drowned rat!

Saturday evening was much better - we were at our second gig of the year and of the weekend. This time it was The Flowerpot in Derby to see Karnataka. After the big change in line up, since the last time I saw this band, I was a little unsure as to what they would sound like. I needn't have worried, they were amazing.

The set they played lasted for the best part of two hours and was made up of around 18 tracks. State of Grace kicked things off, quickly followed by After The Rain (quite fitting after the weather on Saturday!). A little later in the set came the stunning Delicate Flame of Desire, one of my favourite Karnataka tracks.

After a short interval, we were treated to more classic numbers… Time Stands Still; Dreamer; I Should Have Known and, the eagerly awaited, The Storm. This may well have been the first night of the new tour but it didn’t show at all - the band played superbly. Now, I just need to work out how I can catch up with them again later in the tour.

Today, I was hoping to be out birding in the county for the first time this year - it didn’t happen! The weather report was for heavy rain all day, so I stayed in bed. In the end, it was dry all morning so I could have gone out after all - sorry Paul, we’ll try again for next weekend!

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  1. LOL if I lived in your area of the globe I wouldn't watch the weather forcast I would call Lynda up to see if you took the mountain bike to work so I would know if it was going to rain or not. I didn't go birding but I saw the most beautiful red tailed hawk taking flight with it's prey on my way to work this morning.

    Glad you had a good time at the gigs this weekend.

    Tricky Nolika ;-)