18 February 2007

Monday to Friday

As you may guess from the lack of updates on here this week, it has been a quiet few days. It went something like…

Monday - Work was a pain as we had no internet access for much of the day! No internet means no contact with our parts supplier and no way of requesting parts returns etc! Lynda and I were at the gym in the evening.

Tuesday - I was on the internet at home at 6:45AM doing all the things that I couldn’t do at work on Monday! When I got into work, the internet was fine! I could have stayed in bed a little longer! Rode to work and back on the mountain bike.

Wednesday - Valentines Day! A dozen red roses for Lynda and then we had pizza and a rather nice bottle of red wine in the evening.

Thursday - Derby came to a halt from late afternoon onwards. Seven weeks of road works started on the A52 heading out of town and all the surrounding roads, including Pride Park, were gridlocked! I walked to the gym after work - around ¾ of a mile - and I arrived at the same time as Lynda who had driven less than half a mile to get there. Some of the people at work took almost an hour to drive the mile or so off Pride Park!

Friday - It was damp and drizzly in the morning so I didn’t bother with the bike - big mistake! By 3:00PM, all the roads on Pride Park were at a standstill again. By 5:30PM, it was gridlock. Lynda left work at the same time that I did and drove home; I chose to walk the 2 or 3 miles and arrived just five minutes after she did!

I'll update you on the weekend a little later!

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