28 February 2007

It got me!

Today I started with what could well be MAN FLU! Friends, look out, I may soon be in great need of sympathy! This could turn out to be life threatening! I even sneezed earlier!

Everything else has been pretty quiet so far this week, nothing out of the ordinary going wrong at work, nothing out of the ordinary happening at home.

We are starting to look at more gigs that we would like to attend and the next one looks like being a band called The Silver Dogs. This is a band that we have not seen before, playing at a venue we have never visited before, but I am keen to catch up with them and especially their violin player Mark “The Mad Fiddler” Knight! Mark used to play with the Bluehorses a few years ago and it has been way too long since we met up with him!

Lynda and I are also looking at trips to Cumbria and Scotland later in the year but they both depend on finding places to stay and also things fitting into place with gigs / The Whitehaven International Maritime Festival / Highland Games / work and money!

So, that’s about it for the week so far.

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