11 February 2007

So, the snow came - around two or three inches of it here I guess. It arrived just as the forecast had predicted, smack in the middle of the morning rush hour on Thursday! The drive into work was okay for us; all the main roads had been well gritted so it was just a case of taking it easy on the side roads.

The drive down to my meeting on Thursday was pretty routine too - the dual carriageways were clear of snow and, even though it was snowing quite heavily, visibility was not too bad. I even arrived a good 15 or 20 minutes early. Best to make a good impression.

The meeting itself went off without any real drama, now it’s just a case of waiting to see if we notice any improvement in service from the supplier. The birding was quite good from the meeting too - I had good views of a Common Snipe as it flew past the window, numerous Redwing and Fieldfare were feeding across the road from the building and a Common Buzzard was perched in a tree in direct line of sight from where I was sat!

On Thursday, around 30 of us from work went to Frankie & Benny’s for the evening - the boss was paying as a treat to us all for winning the UK Dealer of the Year Award. We started off by having six of their big Sampler Platters between us - there were chicken strips, BBQ wings, loaded potato skins, deep fried onion rings and garlic bread etc on those - and it would have been quite easy to have eaten too much as a starter! After that, everyone chose his or her own main course. I didn’t even have to open the menu; it just had to be Meatballs on Penne Pasta for me! I love ‘em!

Last night was yet more food - we went out with our good friends Mark and Sheila for a Cantonese buffet at the Jasmine Garden. The choice of dishes were as good as ever and we all made numerous trips back to restock our plates. The chicken and sweet corn soup was particularly good as was the sweet and sour chicken, the roast pork and the sesame toast! In fact, it was ALL good stuff!

Today, I have been back up at the farm helping my dad put up the final 12 nest boxes that he had. Most were small Blue Tit type boxes but there were also one or two larger ones, another two owl boxes and a single Woodpecker box. Hopefully they will all have residents in them this spring.

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